, I began to saw a kind of brown lint towards a flyingfluffy
in my leftof thefield of view. It didn't disappear even ifshake off,
andwentfurtherspreadsignificantly tothe entirefield of view.
Immediately, I had been  prayedforhealing.
Iteliminatescompletelydisappearwhen Igo home and I able to
drive a car myself. The next day, a result of examined inophthalmology
just to be sure, it wasfound to be "Muscae volitante" due to aging.
We thank God to heal me.

Pastor Elijah Matsuda and his wife could talk with people suffering from terminal cancer. 
He was friend of eyelash treatment technician of pastor's wife and he had believed in Jesus.
They could pray to God for his healing.
Thanks for your prayer.

LoV Gospel Choir hold gospel concert at a special nursing-care home for the aged 
in Midori ward. God blessed the concert and many people who had severe dementia.
One staff said that I was surprised that everyone listened to the gospel songs 
until end of the concert and I was touched by your word of the songs. 
We have received a lot of reaction.

2015/12/16  End of the year Special Gospel Concert in Okazaki
Place AEON Okazaki 1F central court in Okazaki city
Time and singer
12:30-   LoV Gospel Choir / SPLENDOR
15:00-   LoV Gospel Choir / SPLENDOR
18:00-   LoV Gospel Choir / Gifts

Each concert is scheduled for about 40 minutes.
Admission fee is free. 
Please come ! 

Mr.A all family came to the Loard's day service. A's dog named Otochan 
had a risk of glaucoma, but the number of the his glaucoma is falling, 
it was found that it had been healed in the prayer of healing.


Pastor Elijah Matsuda of Nagoya church attended at farewell Ceremony to 
pastor Paul Miki and pastor Samuel Suga in Tokyo Antioch church.


LoV Gospel Choir in Nagoya church hold some gospel concerts
 with True Vine and Noah.
Especially the present of the Lord had been poured the concert in 
bakery Croissant in Midori Ward and many people cried.


Sister Murate who came to the third service said that she was completely healed 
a pulled muscle in her waist so serious as to need corset after prayer in the third 
Service last Sunday.
God appeared His healing for her. We thank God.  

Praise band The Answer praised six gospel songs in the dinner party relationship of 
Mrs.K who is one of LoV Gospel Choir. The present of the Lord had been poured 
in the every songs and the party had been blessed. One lady asked us please sing 
the gospel songs every year.There was also inquiry about the Gospel Choir.  


It is still difficult situation pneumonia circumstances of Pastor Samuel Suga who stay in Israel.
He is critically ill. Continue Please pray. Also, be sure to confirm the donation and prayer 
for medical expenses.


November 24,Paul Miki who was a pastor of Hiroshima and Kure God’s Church, was lifted up to heaven.
He helped Pastor Elijha and his family when they live in Okayama about 10 years ago.
Pastor Matsuda will add his funeral in 25th Nov. 
Please pray to God for his family and everyone in the church.


November 23, We conducted an inquiry to the Executive Committee of 
the Four Seasons Cherry Blossom Festival in Toyota City Ohara district.  
It was decided to get to prearranged the gospel of events for next year of the festival.
Other than the time also of the Cherry Blossom Festival, there is a possibility that can event.

November 22 sister M participate in Third Service [Night Service] after really long time.
She said that she would come to Third Service every week in the future.
Praise the Lord!!

Sister Y believed and accepted Jesus Christ as Savior through LINE communication 
with pastor's wife after a long time. Her child have went to same kindergarten as Immanuel 
when pastor Matsuda and his wife lived in Okayama City is previous appointed place.
She said that she want to go to Charismatic seminar in Okayama next time.


After the second worship November 22, sister F's daughter who came for the first time worship 
believed and accepted Jesus Christ as Savior. 

2015/11/21    Charismatic meeting and Prophecyseminar

Date on Nov.30th Monday
Time 1:00-3:20 pm
Lecturer Paul Akimoto from Tokyo Antioch church
Place Naka syougai gakusyu center 2F Audio-visual room
Anyone can join.

Nagoya Church will take a first step for orchestra production.
First of all we will buy a saxophone and Bro. Immanuel Matsuda who 
belonging to the brass band of high school use it the service.
In Nagoya Church, we are looking for orchestra to play in worship.

2015/11/16   “Latest information of America team" blog is updated

“Latest information of America team " blog is updated. 
Please visit here: 

2015/11/16      The Answer will hold mini concert

Praise band "The Answer" will hold mini concert at a party.
Mrs.K's friends who belong to the Gospel Choir give it.
Please pray to God for it.